Abuse came to the birthday party

“So, what’s this kid look like?”

“Um, he doesn’t have any freckles”

This was the description I got from my son as I waited for one of his party guests to turn up. He didn’t turn up until half way through the party with his dad in tow.

His dad introduced himself to me and I instantly disliked this man. I grew up with monsters and know what they look like. I knew he was a monster as he shook my hand and apologised for being late. As the party progressed I began to have grave concerns for the boy with no freckles. Dad wasn’t in the room but he kept repeating the word ‘willy’ over and over again.

It got weirder though as he chased some of the boys trying to pull down their pants. After dropping off a party guest I turned to my husband, drew in a big breathe and said what we were both thinking.

“That boy isn’t okay. This needs to be reported.”

We asked Rory one or two more questions about his behaviour. This further cementing our suspicions.

I know the world is full of bad people but meeting the boy without freckles I couldn’t imagine anybody even entertaining the idea of hurting him. How could anybody hurt this boy with soft sad eyes with a smile that creeps up only on one side.

I sat in my boss’ office today and relayed the story to her. “If this is what I think it is, this little boys life is ruined”

They say that this is a big part of the puzzle that now means they can do something. It had to wait until I noticed him at the party? WTF!

I don’t understand how you turn your back thinking that oh, this isn’t any of my business.

I still remember staying with my sister and her boyfriend one time and them just sitting doing nothing as the boy next door was crying from being beaten. They listened. They did nothing. They sat and fucking listened.

They were frightened to say anything and these people would know who called the police and make their lives hell. That thought process isn’t good enough. It’s not about you but it’s about showing a kid that they are worth standing up for.

So, what would you do? There is only one answer I’m willing to accept.

This boy is already damaged and has the potential to keep the cycle going. So, if you can’t think of the boy with no freckles needing love, support and to be saved then think about your daughter dating the boy with no freckles. Does that change anything?


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