That dog you have there, he is dangerous

Pedro is a scrappy and unruly black dog. He is distinctive in that he has a few white spots spread across his body and tail. Pedro is a kelpie crossed with a border collie, and he has fluffy velvety ears. He sounds very adorable, right? He is at first glance.

He gets excited quickly but this turns into anger. His barking assumes an abnormal tone, he salivates in the mouth and at this point can’t swallow or drink, His gait then becomes uncoordinated and he has difficulty walking.  His large and strong body frame commands respect as he growls.

Pedro never leaves my side. He is with me wherever I go. If I try to starve him, he’ll find some way to be fed but he gets very angry when this happens. He always knows the best way to make me suffer.

The more you push him away, the more he lunges with strength at you. He is getting to be a pretty big dog these days and I worry he has some growing still to do.

Pedro knows how my story ends. He is creating it every single day. He taunts and wags his tail as he bails me up against the ledge of the cliff. He is one very short growl from sending me jumping off. I’m not going to fight him anymore because I’ve already got the scars and bruises from that game.

Several dog behaviour therapists have tried to tame this beast but nobody has ever been able to completely sedate him. They give him a cocktail of colourful large pills and tell him they will make the bad dark go away. It makes him a little more predicable than he normally is but his anger is still out of control. Pedro grew up with the rules being skewed and now has no idea how to unskew them.

Pedro is much smarter than I am. He knows all the tricks too. Getting him interested in something a distance away and having him chase it before quickly making my escape. Pedro owns me. He controls me. He tells me where to go, what to wear, who to talk to.

This hulk of a dog wants me to know how stupid I’ve been. How irresponsible I’ve been in having those two kids. Stupid for building that life up the I have.

Pedro wants me to declare defeat. He wants to see that white flag. He wants to win. He is clever and strong. I’ve got a knife and he has a gun. Pedro will win. He knows it. This is the story he is so skilfully manipulating. Pedro is that dog that does learn new tricks. He is always five steps ahead.


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